Introducing Majo.exe

The only one Discord Bot

Majo.exe will not only keep your server entertained but also assist you with moderation and many other things!

Add to your server

188+ servers

129+ commands

100K+ users

...and counting!

Image manipulation? We got you!

Want to edit an image? Or maybe you want to make a meme?

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Majo.exe BOTToday at 4:20 PM
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Majo.exe has a leveling system that will keep your members active and entertained.

User avatarMajonez.exe leveled up to level 2 🔥

Moderation? We have it!

Someone's breaking the rules? You can easily enable Auto-Moderation and Majo.exe will take care of the rest!

User avatarMajonez.exe banned John Doe 🔨
User avatarJonas enabled Auto-Moderation ⚙️
Listening for other events

Know more about your server

With Majo.exe you can get to know your server better with the help of the dashboard. You can see the most active members, the most used channels and activity graphs!

+24 users today

+280 messages today

+55% increase in activity

Giveaways? Why not?

Want to host a giveaway or a drop? Majo.exe can help you with that! You can easily create and moderate giveaways with few simple commands!

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Majo.exe BOTToday at 4:20 PM
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